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Valsto is a new payment method that provides a discount on all purchases from stores where you usually shop

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Why you should participate

We wanted you to pay less for all your purchases at the stores where you usually shop, so we built a service that offers that. Then, we thought that you would like to have Valsto tokens to spend them at the stores, so we decided to give them away. Now, all you need to do is to join our community and spread the word about Valsto.

What you get from participating

There are limited Valsto tokens and as the usage of the platform grows, so does their price. Based on a target utility value of $1 USD per VTO, the estimated future value of the tokens that you will receive is over $5,000 USD. By owning Valsto tokens you will have the incentive to participate in the Valsto economy which will yield some utility value to you, thus the tokens will have a market price that is a monetary reflection of such utility.

What you would participate in

The Valsto token distribution event is a free delivery of Valsto tokens to people who perform certain actions. Participants will receive Valsto tokens for completing simple tasks like signing up for the site, posting promotions on social media, inviting friends to join the community, donating to the project and some others. The purpose of the event is to build our community and spread the word about what we do.

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Services That We Provide

Valsto was born from the idea of building an online network of customers and merchants who benefit each other in different ways. The Valsto services allow customers to pay with traditional money or cryptocurrencies at affiliate stores, earn money for their time and attention and pay less for their purchases. On the other hand, merchants use the services to promote their products, increase web traffic and convert sales in a very efficient and cost-effective manner. Customer and merchant accounts are protected with proprietary security features, so that all crypto and traditional money transactions are guaranteed against fraud.


Why Become a Member?

As a Member you will always pay less by receiving an additional discount on all your purchases when selecting Valsto as your payment method at checkout time.

Why Become a Merchant?

As a Merchant you can attract customers and convert sales in a very efficient and cost effective manner with the guarantee of no fraudulent chargebacks.

How Payment Works

Valsto Payment is a payment processing service similar to PayPal that allows you to pay a discounted price on all your purchases using traditional money or cryptocurrencies. You can link multiple credit cards, bank accounts and crypto wallets to your Valsto account before using it to pay in the stores where you usually shop.

Valsto vPayment Service

Our MVP is ready to be tested by members and merchants

Please help us beta test the MVP's features Beta Test

How Marketing Works

Valsto Advertising is an efficient and cost-effective marketing service that allows merchants to attract, engage and convert customers into buyers. Merchants can easily tap into our community of members by paying for their time and attention watching ads and visiting websites, and then convert them into sales by providing additional discounts.

Valsto vAds Service



What is the Valsto token?
The Valsto token (VTO) is a utility token that allows token holders to access the services offered by the Valsto platform.
What is the Valsto token distribution event?
The Valsto token distribution event is a free delivery of Valsto tokens to the community.
What is the Valsto token symbol?
What is the Valsto token type?
Valsto token type is ERC20 based on the Ethereum platform.
When will I receive the Valsto tokens?
We will send the Valsto tokens to the wallet address registered on your profile within 2 weeks after the token distribution event has finished.
Is your MVP ready to be tested?
Yes, the beta version of our MVP is ready to be tested and currently support only credit card, debit card and bank account transactions in USD. Crypto currency transactions will be included after the token distribution event has ended. Please contact us if you need more info about beta testing.
What is the maximum number of Valsto tokens that will be created?
1,000,000,000 VTO - 1 Billion VTO
What are the Valsto token denominations?
10 vTD = 100 vTC = 1000 vTM = 1 VTO
What exchanges will the Valsto token be listed on?
We are working with our advisors to be fully compliant with regulatory standards for being listed on multiple accredited exchanges. We will engage in conversations with some of these exchanges and will let you know their names as soon as they are confirmed.
How can I get involved?
Join our Telegram channel to chat directly with the team and community.

Three easy ways to get invited